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2019 Agenda

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  • Building on a tradition of professionalism and data-led innovation and embedding emerging technologies into evolving ways of working
  • Championing training, and cross-office collaboration on and through digital technologies to best tackle the learning curve
  • Expanding IT audit capabilities based on proven successes with specific audit technologies
  • Encouraging cloud adoption while maintaining strict security requirements and risk awareness

  • The revolution has already started – CIPFA’s Stories on the success and pitfalls of member experimentation with emerging technologies.
  • The role of the finance leader, CIPFA guidance for leading from the centre and learning from the ground up.
  • Passing on the benefits – moving beyond the understanding that technology saves money and through better financial management citizens are better served and patients are better treated.

  • Fintech from the frontline – how Starling Bank has built a tool friendly approach
  • Baking data driven financial practice in from the start to aid evidence-based decision-making processes
  • Being disruption-ready and building a culture open to embrace new practices

  • The developing role of the public finance practitioner and the place for technology in the vision for the function
  • Creating a generation of leaders and leveraging the expertise of a well-equipped finance function to increase the role of finance in decision making
  • Building a foundation of standards and going back to basics so to best prepare for a highly specialised profession
  • Working with partners across cyber and fraud functions to identify and collaboratively mitigate risks through emerging technologies and practices

  • Learn about our innovative approaches to service design and delivery including the award winning Help to Save scheme for government
  • Learn how our innovation in banking and payment services for government enables cost savings for government
  • Discover our business model and how we provide leading-edge banking and payment solutions for government departments
  • Visit our exhibition stand to learn more about our innovative banking and payment services

  • Why the “safe” option is not always the most stable choice
  • How agility can ensure stability, even in the most unpredictable economical climates
  • When is it time for a vendor relationship that lasts longer than the paper it (isn’t) written on

  • Implementing finance automation and collaborative planning technology in order to reduce the time spent on budgeting processes by up to 50%
  • Encouraging and upskilling budget managers at Hillingdon Council to take greater ownership of their budgets and releasing finance resource to focus on value-added activities
  • Enabling joint working to improve communication and coordination across the council, with significant benefits for financial management

  • Engaging with start-ups and SMEs in order to support the development of emerging financial technologies
  • Designating fintech as a strategic priority within the university to allow the business to reach its full potential
  • Reflecting on power of fintech to pioneer new finance practices within the University

  • The development of counter fraud and the wider functional agenda in government
  • The functional mission, vision and strategy
  • Functional standards – lifting the iceberg out of the water
  • Professionalisation of counter fraud and use data analytics